What is Lutheran? - Introductions to Theology, Worship, Congregation, Ecumenism and Church Law

Lutheran Theology: German Perspectives and Positions Vol. 1

In the 21st century, Lutheran theology takes place on a global level. Just as the Lutheran communion has spread into all parts of the world, so also theology is now practised in a variety of linguistic and cultural contexts. For this reason, the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (VELKD), in cooperation with the German National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, is starting a series of English translations of current VELKD publications.

The first volume contains five texts by well-known German theologians on core topics of the Lutheran Church: Theology (Michael Roth), Worship (Christian Lehnert), Congregations (Martin Kumlehn), Ecumenism (Bernd Oberdorfer) and Church Law (Hendrik Munsonius).


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